Maybe you have found this site because you have recently been diagnosed with cancer or another life threatening disease. It could be that you have been dealing with a serious health condition for a long time. Perhaps a loved one has been diagnosed. Maybe you found a lump or had some tests due to some troubling symptoms and are researching. Have you been told there is nothing more to do for your condition.? Whatever brings you to this site, welcome. This site is for you.

Are you in the midst of a health crisis or want to prevent one?

Cancer, or any other life-threatening health condition, storms right in to our life. It overrides everything and demands our immediate attention. It forces us to face our own mortality. For many of us this can leave us deeply shaken, running for help in any direction. Cancer can be like an alarm bell that once ringing, it doesn't turn off. Its deafening ring may be louder than any we have ever heard before. Its ring catches our attention! While it can deafen us so much that we turn the volume down on our life and numb out, it can also be the alarm to finally get us to WAKE UP! To come alive and start living life! If we listen, it is an alarm that reminds us about what we really love and it asks us to figure out what we are truly living for. Maybe this is exactly what we need to thrive!

Do you want to turn cancer on its head?

So WAKE UP! Let cancer, or whatever serious health challenge you have or don't want to get, be the alarm to move your life where you really want it to go! Illness is like any other crisis in our lives; we can choose to let it expand our life or we can choose to let it shrink our life. When we choose to let it expand our lives we come out the other side and reemerge stronger, more resilient, more vibrant and more alive than ever before. Or we can let it squash us and sink into defeat. The choice is always ours to make.

Would you like to shed the fear and move forward with clarity and confidence?

There are many decisions that confront us when faced with a serious diagnosis. At Upside Down Cancer, we are here to guide you, step by step, how to shed your fear so you can discover the best path for your healing whatever that may be for you! Medical, herbal, naturopathic, energy medicine, whatever! Stage 4, Triple Bypass, a short prognosis, it doesn't matter. The journey may differ greatly, but the steps for thriving are the same for us all. Take one step at a time and your journey will unfold. We are here to support and guide you through the fear so you can make the choices that are right for you! Together let's turn cancer, or whatever you are struggling with, on its head and move from the fear of dying into truly thriving!

Take one step at a time.

Whatever you are currently dealing with, the chances are high that your body has been dealing with it for a long time. This situation is probably not new news for your body. Most conditions take years to develop before we become aware of any issue. So while it may all seem very immediate right now, know that you can take the time to sort yourself out. Action will probably be needed to address your situation, but action from a place of clarity and confidence feels much better than blindly rushing ahead because you are deathly afraid of what might happen if you don't! Follow our six simple steps to transform your thinking about your situation and turn it upside down so it works for you!

We are here to help.

The intention of this website and the services we offer is to:

  • To inspire hope in you, no matter what your situation.
  • To provide simple steps to empower you to turn whatever situation you are up against, on its head so it works for you!
  • To offer provocative resources to expand your ideas about everything.
  • To motivate you to make radical changes in your life towards thriving.

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