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Need support in a convenient way that will suit your schedule? Sign up for an email support package and have access to personal feedback from Tressa via email. After signing up for an email package you complete a registration form  which we forward to you. This gives Tressa some more information about you and the reasons you are seeking support. Within 2 business days Tressa will spend 1/2 hour composing a well thought out response to you. This process is one email session. We use an encrypted Hushmail account for your privacy. Hushmail has been recommended by the Online Therapy Ethical Standards.  You may choose to use your current email address or sign up for a free Hushmail account.

In this process, one of the greatest benefits for you is the process of writing itself. "We write to right oneself". You can submit a specific question or just share your thoughts and request some feedback. After the first session, you do not need to complete the form again. Just write an email and the process shall continue as long as you choose.

To inquire about fees and request more information to get started please call us at 519 362 1182 or email us


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