Is it Beyond Your Belief?

I have been on a steep learning curve lately.  Learning about the power of belief.  At this point in my life I am convinced that it is our beliefs about everything that dictate life. At one point this idea was wishful thinking.  With enough knowledge I am convinced! I believe! This idea, that beliefs truly do dictate life has significant implications for everyone, but especially when you are up against a serious health crisis.  I invite you to take a trip with me through a series of videos that may challenge your current ideas, explode possibilities for your healing and free you up to start feeling hopeful that your situation can turn around! I am hoping they are enough to move you from liking the idea to embracing your own ability to change your mind.

I have known all about the power of belief, studied the placebo effect and really loved the idea for a long time.  But it was just that, an idea. Over the past months I have been utterly convinced of the power of our beliefs and no more is it just a lovely idea.  What I have learned has launched me to put on my marching boots, stop messing around with limiting beliefs and put my thoughts and beliefs front and centre of my life. Through the marvelous presentations of scientists who are thinking outside of the box, I now understand the science behind it, which has been the missing piece for me.  This missing piece has finally allowed me to let go and go for it. Let everything else become background noise and instead focus within the depths of my own mind to create the change I need in my life. 

Our first stop is with Dr. Bruce Lipton.  This lecture takes focus.  It took me about three times to make it through to the end.  But it is very much worth it!

Don't stop now....keep your mind open and learn more!

Next is a really wonderful lecture by Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Your Immortal Brain

Following is another stunning one....just in case there is still some doubt:

Project 101010 Pill or Perception

This seems like the most important information I have come across on my journey of healing.  It starts to make so much make sense.  Is it beyond your belief?

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