Changed Your Undies Lately?

Have you changed your undies lately? Really, when was the last time you changed your underwear?  Are you still wearing those polyester ones, or perhaps the nylon, spandex, acrylic ones or the fruit of the loom cotton ones?  Well, if you are still one of those people wearing synthetic undies or even most of cotton ones, it is time to take them off!  Change into a fresh new pair of organic undies! You will know the difference. Trust me, this is a change that will not only benefit you, but also benefit the health of millions of others and the health of our planet!  Did you have any idea that just by changing your underwear you could change the world! Let me explain...

Reasons to Change Your Underwear for Your Health:

In their book Killer Clothes Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement compile shocking research and disturbing information about our clothing.  They show the correlation between the increase in synthetic human-made fabrics, that began in the late 1930's, and the rapid increase in serious health issues, such as cancers and infertility.  They uncover how most of our clothing is made with highly toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on our bodies and are jeopardizing our health. Not only do these synthetic fabrics suffocate our bodies preventing the skin from releasing nasty toxins, we actually then force it to absorb a nasty concoction of chemicals as well!  Clothing used to be about keeping us warm and perhaps an expression of fashion, but now, despite how trendy we have become, we wrap ourselves in a cloak of toxicity and our bodies have become a dumping ground.  As Dr. Anna Maria explains in Killer Clothes, "Human-made petrochemical fibers restrict and suffocate the skin...Most people don't realize that our skin is our body's most eliminative organ...we release a pound of toxins every day through our skin...If we hold back any percentage of these toxins from being released, they accumulate in the body fat and body organs to become like a time bomb, primed to detonate as some future health malady."

So if you still have those sexy, synthetic little numbers get rid of them and trade them in for a pair of organic ones. Don't just switch to cotton because cotton is responsible for about 25% of all pesticide use in the world! So don't trade in your synthetic intimates for a heavy dose of round-up ready cotton ones! Go green and be clean! Click here for our clothing resources. Don't worry there are now some lovely choices to not only keep your privates safe and healthy, but look good too!  

Reasons to Change Your Undies for Other People and Our Earth:

Because the old ones stink!  No....just kidding. They may be sexy, really easy to wash and soft to touch, but some of the most horrible illnesses and poisoning befall fellow humans in the process of manufacturing these lovelies for us. Not only does it have a direct impact on the health of the workers, but the textile industry is creating a horrendous pollution problems that is destroying the health of many people, poisoning our wildlife, and killing our environment. Is our synthetic clothing really worth this price?

So, why even dabble in all that toxic stuff when there are excellent alternatives!  Maybe switching your underwear and wardrobe to organic, sustainably produced clothing is not in your budget right now and may seem a bit daunting, so maybe make commitment to begin to make the change.  Begin with one pair of undies.  Gradually over time as you buy new clothing make it organic.  A great way to get going is simply start with one pair of underwear! Simple changes will reap huge benefits! Click here to check out some resources and let's get our bottoms into some safe clean undies! 

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