A Bump on the Road with Dr. Brian Clement

"Monkey's business" replied Dr Brian Clement after I had shared that I had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  I had never heard any healthcare provider, along my trail refer to it as "Monkey's business".  The words brought such surprise and delight!  He went on to tell me that he had seen literally thousands of women heal from it and also from conditions far more progressed, where the cancer had spread to bone and brain. This was my first conversation with Dr. Brian and it was like music to my ears.  

Dr.s Brian and Anne Marie Clement have been an immeasurable inspiration and guide to me on my journey to turn cancer on its head.  They are vitally alive with a delightful combination of cutting edge science and discoveries and at the same time, deeply rooted in the wisdom of the past.  They walk their talk. They are both warm and easily huggable too. Even a few minutes talking with them can make the storm clouds move out of the way and the sun start to shine.  

In my interview with Dr Brian, in May 2012, he talked about cancer being a "bump in the road".  Again, such language that can invite all us cancer folk to take a breath.  It stands in stark contrast to other phrases and tones commonly associated with cancer.  A bump on the road!  Check it out:

He also outlined 3 key qualities of people who have turned their illness around and come out thriving. I have elaborated on them below:

1.Belief In Self: People who turn it around have developed a strong belief in themselves.  They believe in their own ability to heal and to overcome.

For many people, when first diagnosed, feel deeply shaken and not confident at all.  Often there is a feeling of fragility, or doubt about why the illness has occured. However, as the journey unfolds and you become more and more educated about how powerful you truly are, you develop a belief in yourself.  I think this is one of the gifts that cancer or illness has to offer. It demands that we step up to the plate and claim our value and our brilliance.

2.An Unwavering Commitment to Life: To turn a serious illness around you have to fully commit to life!

In a conversation with Dr Brian, early on along my journey to turn cancer around, Dr. Brian asked me "Do you want to live or die?".  It was a turning point for me and continues to keep me grounded and focused.  Life threatening illnesses demand we answer this question and full heartedly commit to life.  No holds barred!  I invite you to ask yourself this question.  To read more about it check out STEP 3 from our Six Steps to Thriving.

3.Passion: People who heal from major illness have connected with their overflowing passion for life!

Life threatening illness, though it can terrify us, it also can wake us up to start really living!  It can be the invitation to relish life and become deep rooted and full of passion. I describe it as if my life were black and white and then I was diagnosed with cancer and my life became high definition colour!  Bring on life...let's live it! Find those vital three ingredients in yourself.  If you need help to find them...check out our Six Steps to Thriving

For more powerful and lifechanging, cutting edge health information that could help save your life, go to Dr Brian Clement's new website called The Real Truth About Health. This is an excellent resource for us all. 

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